PhotoMedia Diaries

PhotoMedia Diaries

photographer danielle Gorman


PhotoMedia Diaries

By Danielle 

PhotoMedia Diaries founded in 2009 by Bronx bred Danielle Gorman “Dani”, who began studying photography for high school yearbook team in 1987 in sunny California (San Diego).  Through the years developed skills in digital photography, photo enhancement and media/video editing.

Dani passionately believes that precious moments are the prized gems of our lives. These “gems” should be captured and prepped for unique display as treasured art.  Using both the natural and mechanical (camera) eye combined to capture and preserve your “precious gems”. 

PhotoMedia Diaries objective is “Perception Influenced by Presentation”. Therefore only the finest of elite printing companies with quality paper and other material are used for print jobs.  Lovely albums to illustrate beautiful photo stories, catalogs, calendars and posters, etc. are also available. 

Every photo tells a story.  Let PMD help you present a fabulous one!